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Each Spanish student is given an evaluation form to fill out at the end of their time at Instituto Chac-Mool. We ask the students to give us feedback on the teachers and staff, facilities, activities, host families... anything pertaining to our program. This information is valuable to us and we consider each evaluation with great enthusiasm. We've included student quotes on this page, to respect student privacy we do not publish email addresses.

Dear Instituto Chac-Mool Spanish School

If you really are interested in learning Spanish and enjoying a fun and safe environment, then you simply must come to Instituto Chac-Mool in Cuernavaca!
 -Andrew, Executive

I think it is awesome that Chac-Mool provides such a supportive environment. Chac-Mool takes a multifaceted approach to teaching, they support the spirit along with the mind!
 -Janelle, Student

I think after 2 weeks my confidence and level of ability is massively improved - plus the experience of living with a Mexican family has been fantastic. Especially the food.
 -Ian, IT Consultant

Great environment for learning! Teachers are kind and gentle. I learned more at this school in 2 weeks than another school in San Miguel de Allende in 4 weeks!
 -Cheryl, Educational Diagnostician

Instituto Chac-Mool turned out to be far more than I could have possibly expected. It offers just the right combination of quality, flexibility and value. My only regret is that I have to go home.

I was very pleased with my experience at Chac-Mool. I feel I have been given the basic information to be able to communicate with the patient population I work with. If I return I would continue with the medical course with the idea of obtaining more cultural aspects of the population and perhaps more observation of patient care/practice in Mexico.
 -Linda, medical professional (Medical Spanish)

I totally enjoyed my experience here in Cuernavaca with Chac-Mool. The family I stayed with was everything you could hope for. They were conscientious, gracious, helpful, interactive, accepting, and welcoming. The food was excellent! The school placed me in a level I desperately needed to work on. The subject material/matter was an answer to my needs in understanding my usage of Spanish. I totally enjoyed meeting the staff, family and students at Chac-Mool.
 -Joanne, Computer Consultant

I have loved my experience there and the instruction has been invaluable. All of the instructors are so great!!!! (Including el maestro bailar!!!) Thank you to all of you for being such great instructors and just very fun people to be around!!!
 -Amanda, Yacht Crew Members

Tulum was wonderful in every way! Great teachers, classes and family stay... And of course, I had the ocean, the beach and lots of yoga classes! May need to return soon!
 -Suzanne, Traveler

Thank you, Chac Mool, for an incredible language learning experience! Bottom line: the Chac Mool teachers and administration exceeded my expectations tenfold! The instruction was individualized, relevant, thorough, and FUN. Thank you again for the unforgettable memories and jump starting our path to becoming bilingual!.
 -Sloan, Teacher

My daugthers just finished two weeks at Chac Mool Tulum. They had an amazing time. Please let the owner of Chac Mool know that Paulina is a professional, organized and very passionate director. She made the lessons fun and inspired my children to speak in Spanish.

She and Josemar organized cooking classes, dance class and they even spent an evening just hanging out at a cafe with us to practice Spanish. I feel they went above and beyond the call of duty to give us a great cultural and academic experience.

I hope you all know that you have a gem of a director.
  -Humaira, Mom

I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how much we enjoyed our time in Tulum at Chac-Mool. It was more than we could have ever hoped and dreamed for. At first my children really wanted nothing to do with "summer school" but by the end they were trying to figure out how we could extend our trip in order to go to school!

Everyone there was so helpful, friendly, and kind to myself and my children. The extra cooking and capoeira classes were so much fun that we didn't even realize we were learning!

The host family that was set up for us was amazing. They took care of every need and we became quite close to them during our stay. They were many tears shed by both families when we had to say goodbye to our Mexican family. We hope to return some day in the near future.
 -Michele, Teacher

When I take two teens on Spring break to "school" [in Tulum] and not hear one complaint that says a lot about the teachers, the personalization, the feeling of Chac-Mool. This was effortless learning. And it gave us a feeling of familiarity with the town, improved our confidence in using public transportation and overall improved our confidence in adventurous travel in the area. (Not to mention improve our Spanish language skills). Our teachers made us feel like they really were interested in our lives. I had very interesting conversations, teaching topics felt more like sharing thoughts, ideas, and knowledge than a one way learning situation. This was definitely adult style learning at its best. I cannot recommend Chac-Mool enough!!
 -Jeanne, Nurse Practitioner

I had such a wonderful time in Tulum, and the classes were so valuable.
 -Mary, Medical Student

Very good school with amazing teachers. Although on my spring break [in Tulum] it was a good balance of learning and practice. The immersion technique is the best I've used and my confidence and skill have definitely improved."
 -Zak, College Student

The school was really beautiful and pleasant and what a nice setting to learn!
 -Terri, Air National Guard

Thank you thank you thank you. I learned so much today!!! Thank you again for the quick sign up.!
 -Liz, traveling in Tulum

I had nice lessons in Chac-Mool in January and February. I like your school, teachers and students. And I like my host mother, Maria, too. She was very kind and good cooking.
 -Kazuko, in Cuernavaca from Japan

We both thoroughly enjoyed the school, the teachers and the place. It was great having the classes in those palapas. It was always cool even though the temperatures were in the mid 80s every day.
 -Anita, Retired

Tell Julio that I really enjoyed his and Juliana's classes in Tulum. I'll probably go again for 2 weeks in early Jan. 2013.
 -George, student at both Tulum and Cuernavaca schools

Your school is one of the most well-organized language programs I have seen. I wish you all the best in continuing such an amazing program.
 -Susan, Professor

When I arrived at Chac-Mool I was sure it would be another failed attempt at learning Spanish. Instead, I had the most wonderful experience of being able to communicate in another language for the first time!! It has been great- everyone at the school was kind and helpful, especially my maestros. I cannot wait to come back and learn more.
 -Malia, Student of Public Health, Ph.D.

(re: arriving from Mexico City) directions were very clear and helpful. Pullman Morelos bus was amazing, TV, snacks, chatting with people. Taxi very easy also. School was great, immersion policy very helpful. Teacher Veronica and Giovanni very patient, my placement seemed just right.
 -Jackie, retired

We want to tell how pleased we were with your school at the new location in Tulum. We traveled to Yucatan Peninsula at the beginning of February with our 9 year old granddaughter, Jasmine. The objective was twofold: to give Jasmine an appreciation of that region of Mexico and to give her some training in the Spanish language.

We were fortunate to find your Tulum school and enrolled Jasmine as a beginner for a week, a couple of hours a day, one on one. Jasmine seemed to thrive in the outdoor classroom with her teacher, Alejandra. We enrolled her for a second week with three hours of class a day, and then a third and then a fourth week, postponing our planned tour of the Yucatan Peninsula. After 55 hours of class, Jasmine's comprehension of the language leaped from nearly zero to useful as we moved about Tulum and she was timidly speaking the language as her confidence grew.

Important also, for both of our objectives, were afternoon activities with other students and teachers, cooking and crafts being the most enjoyable, as well as excursions on the weekends to snorkel, both at cenotes near Tulum and to the beach at Akumal to swim with turtles and to the lagoons just north of there (we grandparents joined in the activities and excursions as well).

We have Jasmine's Chac Mool Spanish language workbook with us and plan to continue lessons here. I hope we can visit Tulum and your school soon to repeat our very, very positive experience.
  -Eric and Roberta, Grandparents

I was never disappointed once in the people at Chac-Mool, and all my expectations were exceeded. I especially liked the teacher to student ratio, for more opportunities to interact more intimately with the learning material and other students. It was a really good environment and the teachers were filled with intellectual and charismatic demeanors. I have changed as a person (for the better) due to my experiences here, and I have learned that my opinions do not go unheard. So thank you Chac-Mool, for being everything I hoped you would be.
 -Raina, student

Chac-Mool far exceeded my expectations. Everyone was extremely helpful and very friendly. I felt valued and welcome the entire time. The personal attention within the small groups was the key to success- plenty of opportunity for conversation and individual support. Though the grounds are not essential to learning, the cleanliness and beauty created a luxurious atmosphere that supported a feeling of security and happiness. My only regret was that I only had two weeks!
 -Sumner, Teacher

Chac-Mool provided a tranquil and comforting environment for my language aquisition journey. As I struggled to learn Spanish with my head throbbing and my ego shrinking, I was supported through the process by the kind and patient teachers who helped me with their humor and excellent instruction.

Learning a new language requires feeling success, being supported enough to make mistakes, and knowing that those who are teaching you respect you and want you to learn. That is exactly what Chac-Mool provides.
 -Elizabeth, Teacher

Thank you for all your help in getting me prepared for my two weeks at Chac-Mool. They were absolutely wonderful. I came away with so much Spanish, and the confidence to use it, not to mention the great cultural tours, fabulous people. I could go on. I'm a little sad to be back to my regular life. How uneventful by comparison!
 -Shelby, Teacher & Director

Because of your love and extreme dedication to your work in helping others understand Spanish, we have been able to take the next step in our journey of reaching out the "hurting" in Cuernavaca! God bless you for helping us so diligently! Chac-Mool is the BEST in our eyes!!!
 -Paul and Sharita, Missionaries

I just wanted to say that the website you created for Chac-Mool is fantastic. It was so chock full of information that when I went, there were no surprises - I knew exactly what to expect. Your website is the main reason we chose Chac-Mool and I stated that in my evaluation. I had a fantastic time! It was the most different kind of vacation I have ever had.
 -Betty, Software Engineer

We (reluctantly) returned from Mexico yesterday ending our two week session at Instituto Chac-Mool. It was even better than we had hoped for! The classes were extremely practical, the teachers inspirational, and the team that Julio and Deana have put together there is a model of efficiency! Our Mexican family kept the program going, speaking only in Spanish, and inspiring us to improve day by day. And we couldn't have gotten along any better either! And it all began with your support! I'm sure Instituto Chac-Mool has not seen the last of us!
 -Charles, Special Education Teacher

I have just returned from Chac-Mool and my experience with both the school and the homestay was fabulous! Thank you for your help with all of our questions/concerns. I have a feeling I will be going to Cuernavaca again soon.
 -Betty, professional

This trip filled in many Spanish gaps for me. Though it was difficult to communicate at first, the teachers and family helped me to better my communication ability.
 -Joe, Student (Spanish for Law Enforcement Personnel)

At first I was a little nervous about coming here and not knowing anyone, but immediately I met people, and also I met friends. The school is gorgeous. I don't even feel like I'm here to learn but I did and a lot! Thanks to the teachers who made it possible. But I would have not learned as much as I did if it weren't for mi familia. I didn't know how much it would really help to be totally immersed in the culture. The excursions we went on were great so much was gained, so much was learned.
 -Samantha, student

My experience with Chac-Mool was a good one. I felt the instructors were well versed in their material and I liked the program very much.
 -Eva, volunteer

Just a short note to say one GRANDE MUCHO GRACIAS! I had a great time and it was an awesome experience! The school and host family were perfect!
 -Curtis, Social Science Teacher

This was one of the nicest travel experiences I've had to date. My family was wonderful, my teachers were first rate. It could not have been better.
 -Carol, Teacher

I have enjoyed my experience at Chac-Mool. While I believe that immersion is inherently frustrating at times, I am extremely happy with the results. In three weeks I have gone from zero Spanish to being comfortable speaking and hearing Spanish all day. I am impressed by your program.
 -Eric, professional

Very pleasurable & helpful. Staying with my family was at least half of the value of a very valuable program.
 -Pat, medical professional

My family was fantastic, I don't think I would have learned near as much about both the language and the Mexican culture without their help.
 -Will, Physician (Medical Spanish Course)

Instructors at the school were always prepared and very good about answering questions and explaining ideas. The class size was very helpful in my learning more. Without the efficiency of the administrative staff, my stay would not have been possible.
 -Joni, Police Officer

All in all, I feel like I couldn't have done better had I hand picked my own teacher and homestay family. It was truly an excellent and lifelong memorable experience. I wish all Canadians could get the REAL Mexican cultural experience as I know many have formed opinions based on a one or two week beach holiday at a tourist resort. Hardly in the same ballpark.
 -Vicki, Executive Assistant

From my first contact with the folks at Institito Chac-Mool over the Internet, I knew that I had made the right choice in selecting a Spanish language program in Cuernavaca. The staff went out of their way to welcome me to Mexico and to make even my short stay educational, enjoyable and hassle-free. The teachers were friendly and enthusiastic and seemed to really like teaching the classes and getting to know the students. My Spanish ability improved dramatically with only 1-week of classes and I intend to make Institito Chac-Mool an annual trip. Thanks Chac-Mool.
 -Randy, professional with interest in politics

It was very wonderful. I owe the success of the trip to my host family. They made me feel very comfortable, wanted, and cared for me during my stay in Mexico. The instructors were very friendly and super helpful. They held a solid pace in class & created a great learning environment.
 -Kellie, student

Great school with very personal & outstanding staff willing to teach you the aspect of Spanish you are interested in. Excellent conversational practice and the school grounds are clean and well maintained.
 -Pyra, M.D. (Medical Spanish)

I arrived at Chac-Mool not knowing what to expect. I thought that I would improve my Spanish and nothing more. But with fellow bicultural students and outstanding instructors I found myself immersed in the rich literature and history which has to Mexico offers. In short, I experience a personal cultural renascence.
Miguel, a fellow student, assisted me in interpreting the nuances of a novel titled, "La Frontera". The author is a Chicana, (Mexican American woman) what I learned was that being bilingual has and will have important leadership advantages for the upcoming millennium. While attending the program I noticed that many other students were experiencing this same cultural rebirth. Seeing this filled me with a sense of hope for all peoples. I return to San Francisco with a new and enduring sense of self and for this I have nothing left to say but the words, thank you.
 -Ramón, Teacher

Although I was nervous on arrival, that was quickly replaced by a sense of excitement and curiosity. My family was great, better than I could have hoped for. They created a home-away-from-home environment which was a great supplement to the more structured learning at the school.
The city of Cuernavaca is an awesome place to get to know! Everywhere I went there was something to see, or something to do!!! Being out in the city and talking to people was a great way to put the school work into practical use, and I was able to remember alot more than I ever could in high school classes.
 -Rachael, Student

This has been a wonderful experience for our whole family. My husband and I greatly improved our ability to listen and speak Spanish. My kids have learned an incredible amount of Spanish and enjoyed learning the culture and playing with the sweet children they met. Our 'family' was just that, they worried for us constantly and were gracious as well as hospitable. The teachers were very knowledgeable and personally interested in our progress. This has been the trip of a lifetime.
 -Debbi and family

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My three children (ages 17, 14, 12) and I spent two fantastic weeks at Institute Chac-Mool, Tulum in June 2013. I have to admit, the children were not thrilled to complete their school year on Friday in Berkeley, California and start their summer with yet ANOTHER school the following Monday morning in Tulum. However, once they were at the school, we all were incredibly happy. They actually looked forward to going to school each day. Paulina was the teacher of the two older children. There were two other wonderful girls around their ages in the class as well. Paulina managed to make five hours per day of learning fun, entertaining and filled with laughter. The kids played games, did art projects, sang songs, wrote songs, danced, had various creative contests--all while improving their Spanish language. Paulina is also the director of the school and her energy, enthusiasm and creativity were amazing.

Jossemar was our youngest son's teacher. Our son knew zero Spanish coming into the week and by the end was writing and speaking complete sentences in 35 different action verbs in the present tense. I was stunned. Jossemar knew how to grab his attention and encourage him to learn. I, too, had two wonderful teachers, Alejandra (grammar) and Paola (conversation). I loved my fellow students, too, and we were all very compatible with our skill levels. Alejandra and Paola were charming, interesting, inquisitive and very knowledgeable. They explained Spanish grammar rules really well so it was easy for us to understand and follow. The hours went by so fast, I couldn't believe it was 1 p.m. each day. We had a little homework each night which I really appreciated to keep our learning current. It was nice to have the free afternoons to explore around Tulum and environs. We also participated in the cooking classes which Paulina and Jossemar gave each week (I've even made the delicious enchiladas twice upon returning home!). Although we didn't participate, they also offered dance classes, and coffee chats later in the afternoon--we just didn't have time to do everything. It was a truly special two weeks. By week two, we felt like we belonged in Tulum. We'd ride our bikes down the street and wave to fellow students and teachers--it had become "nuestro pueblo."

Thank you to Sherry, too, for patiently answering all of my various questions prior to departure. She was always so kind and helpful. It made the whole experience go that much more smoothly.

We loved the school so much that we will be coming back next summer!
 -Cheryl, Teacher & Artist

My experience with Instituto Chac-Mool was wonderful from the first contact via email to the last class of my 5 day course. I could not have hoped for a better teacher and a more magical thing than the beach in Tulum. The teacher was extremely friendly, organized and attentive and always surprised me with her creativity and her approach, offering so many diversified exercises. The course was very carefully planned, tailored to my needs in a very flexible way. The methodology and the scope of the lessons were both impressive throughout. I can not think of a more fantastic teacher and stuning location to learn Spanish and can not wait to come back.
 -Emily, Banker

I love Chac-Mool. The school is beautiful and the atmosphere is condusive to learning. However, the best part about Chac-Mool are the teachers and their teaching strategies and encouragement. I have learned more at Chac-Mool than I have in my classes at the university. As someone with a master's degree in language development, I understand the importance of extended immersion in a language in order to learn it.
 -Jennifer, Speech-Language Pathologist

I really like Chac-Mool -- such an improvement over the teaching styles of other schools!
 -Christine, Semi-retired

Just wanted to let you know how fabulous our stay with the family was. I've stayed with families in a number of countries and none could compare with the gracious hospitality of each family member. They gave us so much caring, personal attention on so many different matters. Whatever we needed was attended to with a smile and assurance that if we needed anything else, just to ask. Thanks for placing us with such a wonderful family.

First of all, I would not have made it to Mexico, in one piece, without your guidance. Although I have traveled worldwide, for some reason this trip was rather difficult to plan. Secondly, I passed my exam...your instructors at Chac-Mool are the best I have ever met...Please pass-on my thanks and enduring gratitude!
 -Elizabeth, Teacher

WOW!! Michelle and I thought we made progress in our three weeks at ICM. Our second summer adventure of three weeks really made a great difference according to the Spanish-speaking students and parents we work with at home. Our pronunciation and fluency is much improved, and we can listen to much faster speech.
The best part of the learning has to been the practice and production of speech. It's as if all of Cuernavaca wanted us to learn and progress in Spanish. Our home stay was, once again, excellent. The ICM instructors were patient and fun. And the price is right for a great learning vacation!!
 -David, Assistant Principal

A THANK-YOU/GRACIAS for the wonderful experience our daughter had in Cuernavaca. She learned a lot, had a wonderful family with whom she had lots of fun experiences and she enjoyed her time there so much. You run a great program.
 -Kathi, a mom

Wow, what a great week we had. The staff at Instituto Chac-Mool in Tulum was phenomenal!! The director is obviously passionate about her work, and love of teaching. Her crew eminates this with enthusiasm. We could not have had a better experience.
 -Jeanne, Nurse Practitioner

I had a most wonderful experience at Chac-Mool. The staff is attentive and extremely nice. My home stay experience was one of the best! We were perfectly matched.
 -Barbara, Social Work Supervisor

Our family was wonderful, their cooking was out of this world, our teachers at Chac-Mool were the best on earth, and Julio and Deanna were very, very excellent hosts. Our trips to Teotihuacan and Xochicalo were the best. The drivers to-from airport were also excellent. We have recommended Chac-mool to others already and will likely do more. It was an excellent vacation for the three of us. Thanks for all of your great coordination skills.
 -Vickie & family

Learning Spanish at chac-Mool is treated like serious business and I like that. But at the same time the teachers make class interesting, stimulating and fun. Time has flown by. Would we come back? You bet--in a heart beat.
 -Barbara, Home School Teacher

When I originally heard about the program I was excited to take part. Upon completion of two weeks here at Chac-Mool I would have to say that it has exceeded my expectations.I thought I might learn a little, meet a few friends, see some interesting sights. Well all of that happened and more. The students, host families and friends have been a very important part of this experience. It will be difficult to leave but I do plan on returning!!!

Absolutely amazing! I learned more than what I initially thought I could. The professors here are patient as well as knowledgeable about the many intricate details of the Spanish language. Thank you for everything!
 -Clarissa, Medical Assistant

We returned yesterday from our study at Chac-Mool, and truly it was a God-send that I came across your website. We thoroughly enjoyed our study there and the city of Cuernavaca also. I'm so pleased and I can't wait to come back, which I hope to do soon.
 -Fred, Retired Editor

Excellent school, for 2 weeks or 8. Guaranteed to learn Spanish. I'd recommend it to anyone wanting to learn in Mejico.
 -Jonathan, Film Production Manager

I had a wonderful experience at Chac-Mool. Your website is right on the money!
 -Christopher, Self Employed

Sherry-Thanks so much for your help - you are always a great help and I feel like we're old friends!
 -Barbara, Nurse-Midwife

Sherry, I just wanted to let you know that Michelle and I had a great time. The school was perfect and everyone was so nice. We actually talked to folks about how did you pick this school, several mentioned the Web site and the fact that they were able to visit with you about all the details. I think you really make a difference in people's decision to attend Chac-Mool. Anyway, it was a perfect choice, many different ages of students and from different backgrounds.
 -Shelly, Program Manager

Honestly, the description of Chac-Mool on its website is exactly what I was looking for, and I kept researching and re-researching the school because it sounded too good to be true. Now that I've been, I know. The atmosphere, the low student-to-instructor ratio, skilled and patient teachers, solid curriculum, varied cultural activities, and hospitable local families are time-tested ingredients that make for a sweet learning experience. It's exactly what I was looking for, and I'll happily return.
 -Ann, Writer

During September and October, 2003 I first visited Cuernavaca to study Spanish at Chac-Mool. One of the highest recommendations that I can make is to say that I returned to ICM for an additional 6 weeks of Spanish training. Without exception, all of the instructors and staff were and continue to be exceptional in their chosen professions. The diversity in each daily class was reason for anticipating each day of classes. In addition to a great daily agenda, the afternoon and weekend excursions were diverse and served to supplement the learning environment. Thank you for a useful and memorable experience.
 -John, Return Student

Since this was my first trip on my own to a different country I was very nervous. I could not have done it without the school program, tours and living arrangements. I have made some nice friends here I shall keep in contact with. Gracias.
 -Elizabeth, Teacher

I totally enjoyed my time at Instituto Chac-Mool. It is truly a life changing experience. Between the instructors and host family I felt very comfortable and learned a great deal. My appreciation for Mexico and it's people has grown deeply. I would recommend Instituto Chac-Mool in a heart beat if you truly want to 'immerse' yourself in the Mexican culture. Muchas gracias!
 -Sue, Basketball Coach

Cuernavaca is a wonderful city. It's beautiful, the people are so nice, and there is so much to do. Instituto Chac-Mool is in a very nice neighborhood and very convenient. Everyone at school is friendly and helpful and the experience is really fun. The school itself is conducive to learning and making friends and feelling at home in Cuernavaca.
 - Hope, Travel Business

I liked living so close to the school. Since I was traveling alone that did make a difference. The teachers are wonderful, very welcoming and very patient. I know that only so much can be achieved in one week and yet I am leaving with more than I expected. I found the whole experience very enjoyable and educational.
 -Martha, Administrator

The school was wonderful. The teachers and staff were helpful, responsive, talented.
 -Jeannie, Professor

Dear Sherry, It's lucky Julio and family have you to represent them. They are really fine folks. I am inspired by the instructors and the digs. Again thanks for the work you do. I have benefited greatly and I appreciate it.
 -Wally, School Administrator

I was favorably impressed by the favorable environment for learning, by the quality and attentiveness of the faculty, and by the general constructive serious approach to teaching Spanish. And the students too, they took their class time and homework seriously. I would recommend Chac-Mool to others as professional and yet engaging. It held my interest and challenged me at the same time.
 -Steve, Finance

The folks at Chac-Mool are very kind and considerate. They did more than required or expected to accommodate the wishes of the students. My family was the icing on the cake.
 -Kathy, Professor & Photographer/Artist

Excellent experience!! I will strongly recommend Chac-Mool to others - especially those who need a little extra support! A first-time Spanish student couldn't hope for a more helpful, assuring and supportive experience. Thank you!
 -Paul, Minister

I think the experience was well worth the time spent here. The school staff is excellent and the learning environment is perfect (outside in the winter!).
 -George, Business Owner

I had a great time in Mexico and really am quite pleased with the amount of Spanish that I learned in such a short period of time. The family was also very nice and welcoming.
 -Jon, French Teacher

What a luxury to take 2 weeks out of my life and do nothing but study Spanish. The teachers are warm and accepting and the school was a very comfortable place for learning. I'm happy I was able to focus specifically on my work.
 -Sandy, nurse (Medical Spanish)

Last summer I had the greatest time in Cuernavaca. With our one-year anniversary approaching I am having many fond memories.
I remember the anticipation and excitement of preparing for our study abroad program and how I counted down the days waiting for our departure. Finally, when we arrived in Mexico to meet our families and get acquainted with the school it was so much fun it almost seems as if it were a dream!
I want to thank you both for the excellent job you did at providing all the individualized instruction and the incredible calendar of events, activities and field trips. Cuernavaca was in ideal place for studying with all its historical points of interest its fascinating culture and rich heritage. We never had an idle moment while we were there.
Each day I think about and appreciate the fact that I had such a great opportunity. Being neighbors with Mexico I feel greatly enriched by my experience. I'm proud to know the culture, language and history of the country that is so close to us and has influenced our way of life her in California.
I understand you will be in Cuernavaca again this summer, please let me know if I can help by sharing my experience with any of your future students. I wouldn't want them to miss out on a once in a lifetime opportunity!
Buena Suerte y Muchisimas Gracias!
 -Liz, teacher

When I arrived in Cuernavaca it was difficult to understand Spanish. After my first week it was easy to understand my family and my teachers. I had a great time. Thanks!
 -Tonya, student

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