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Ron Wakefield's Music Outreach Project for Orphans
Cuernavaca, Mexico

Music Project

Ron Wakefield, Music Director at North Park Middle School in Pico Rivera, California is generously donating his money, time and expertise to set up a Children’s Music Program at the well deserving orphanage of Al Abrigo de Dios A.C. Casa Hogar in Cuernavaca, Mexico beginning in November, 2012.

Ron’s generosity is well known in Southern California, as well as nationally, as his past children’s music programs have been written about in major newspapers. Beginning in 2006 children living at a Southern California homeless shelter were recipients of his generous gift of musical instruments and music lessons in preparation for playing entire pieces beginning from "Hot Cross Buns" to about 18 months later the challenging "Pieta". This program culminated in the kids from Isaiah House, ages 10 to 14, performing as a musical group at New York City’s Carnegie Hall. More about this project is written about at

In addition to using Ron’s own money, volunteers and donations were an important part of making his music program at Isaiah House successful. We at Instituto Chac-Mool are hoping you are able to make monetary donations or contribute musical instruments so that Cuernavaca, Mexico’s program is equally successful.

Ron wrote us about what is needed for this program:

We are seeking tax deductible cash donations in any amount, iPads, and we are also seeking musical instrument donations . Instruments we need for the Cuernavaca, Mexico project includes: flutes, clarinets, trumpets, and trombones. Please no string instruments at this time.

Donations by check should be made payable to: North Park Middle School Band Outreach. On the memo line please write "orphanage project"  

Donations should be mailed attn:
Ron Wakefield, Music Director
North Park Middle School
4450 S. Durfee Ave.
Pico Rivera, CA  90660  

Donations are tax deductible.  Our Tax Payer I.D. is EIN-95-4557544. All administrative costs are donated.  Because of this, 100% of all donations directly benefit the children.

June 2013 UPDATE from Ron

The kids are doing great!!!! We now have 10 kids in the program. Beatriz is a fabulous teacher! We've had some concerts and also we are interacting between my Los Angeles classroom and the orphanage via Facetime. And we have an up-coming Concert for Peace next November. At least 2 of the children, Sharon and Shamma will get to travel to Los Angeles to participate and we are working hard to get travel documentation for other children. It's a big challenge - not so much the visas, but hard to get passports.

Thank you for your support and as always, be blessed!

Ron Wakefield,OFS
Music Director

January 2013 UPDATE from Ron

Hi again, it's time for a short update as I recently returned from Cuernavaca. The Band Sinfonica is doing great, take a look at our video of the kids playing their instruments! The kids performed a Christmas Concert already, it was very successful. And the kids proudly wore t-shirts with their new band logo on it. I named Beatriz the new Music Director, and my job is to be the Adviser, I will be going down to Cuernavaca about every 5 weeks. We are launching a campaign to bring the kids to California for a performance, of course it all depends on if we can obtain Visas for them. We are getting assistance from my California congresswoman to try to make this happen. We are hoping for more donations to keep the project going.

Be blessed!

Ron Wakefield,OFS
Music Director

November 2012 UPDATE from Ron

Hi everyone. I've just now walked in the door of my apartment ...and very tired from the journey back home from Cuernavaca. Today started appropriately at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, where I gave my most heartfelt thanks to God, and also offered the program to His Glory, as all things should be. I'll send more later but I'm too excited to let it go any longer without an update to those of you who have held me and Beatriz up in prayer. We taught for 6 days in a row. It was a miracle that on Friday everyone played 'Hot Cross Buns'! They can all read whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, and they have a repertoire of 7 fingerings already. 7 can tongue perfectly and Alexia still needs help there. Beatriz and I and our 8 kids of the newly formed "Al Abrigo De Dios Banda Sinfonica" (photo above).

PLEASE continue to pray for continued success. I will be commuting to Cuernavaca often to build this new music program.

Thank you! and Blessings to all!

Ron Wakefield,OFS
Music Director

Your Donation would be appreciated!

Instituto Chac-Mool
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Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico

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