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Our Medical Spanish program is designed for doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals who want to improve their Spanish skills and develop medical vocabulary in order to effectively deal with their Spanish-speaking patients. This is a customized Professional Course and learning exercises will focus on the needs of the student. Students should have a basic knowledge of Spanish in order to benefit from this course and the number of weeks is determined by the student's needs and schedule.

This class will be taught using a variety of methods with an emphasis on experiential learning: i.e. lecture and instruction, drills and practice, role play, cultural immersion activity, audio and video taping, videos viewed in class, community based activity, workbook practice, course assignments and readings.


Recommended for Medical Spanish students:   Volunteer your time and skills along with local physicians and medical staff. Options will depend on your vocation or educational background and your conversational Spanish level. Contact us for more information.

This special professional Spanish vocabulary course is no longer available at Instituto Chac-Mool Spanish School Cuernavaca. It is now available at our Tulum, Mexico school, located south of Cancun and at Instituto Chac-Mool Spanish School in Turrialba, Costa Rica outside of San Jose.

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I can't thank you and the teachers at the school enough for the wonderful experience I had in trying to improve my spanish language skills. I cannot believe the incredible amount that I learned in a short, two weeks! I put my medical spanish to use right away as the first week I was back to work I encountered two patients that could only speak and understand Spanish. Both the patients and my colleagues (and myself!) were impressed that I was able to carry on whole conversations in very difficult medical topics.
  -Denise, Nurse Practitioner

My experience in Cuernavaca has been excellent. I only wish I had more time at Chac-Mool. Hopefully I will be able to come back to Cuernavaca and Chac-Mool in the future. One last thing - my family was fantastic, I don't think I would have learned near as much about both the language and the Mexican culture without their help.
  -Will, Physician

What a luxury to take 2 weeks out of my life and do nothing but study Spanish. The teachers are warm and accepting and the school was a very comfortable place for learning. I'm happy I was able to focus specifically on my work.
  -Sandy, Nurse

Great school with very personal & outstanding staff willing to teach you the aspect of Spanish you are interested in. Excellent conversational practice and the school grounds are clean and well maintained.
  -Pyra, Physician

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