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Law Enforcement Spanish

This is a customized Professional Course and learning exercises will focus on the needs of the student of the Law Enforcement Spanish Course. Students should have a basic knowledge of Spanish in order to benefit from the complete course. Students are welcome to study for as short as one week, however six weeks is usually required to complete the course objectives.

This class will be taught using a variety of methods with an emphasis on experiential learning: i.e. lecture and instruction, drills and practice, role play, cultural immersion activity, audio and video taping, videos viewed in class, community based activity, workbook practice, course assignments and readings.

Course Objectives: The course covers cross-cultural issues pertinent to relationships between non-Hispanic officials and the Hispanic community members. Students learn basic Spanish phrases and questions necessary to carry out specific law enforcement protocols:

~ Car stops
~ Interrogation
~ Arresting a suspect
~ Mirandize a suspect
~ Booking a suspect
~ Gather intake data
~ Read probation orders
~ Conduct various types of drug tests

Course Goals

- Produce Spanish correctly
- Pronounce the words in Spanish in an understandable form
- Understand the Spanish speaker
- Terminology required for specific law enforcement procedures
- Understand cultural differences between the non-Hispanic official and the Hispanic public

This special professional Spanish vocabulary course is available at Instituto Chac-Mool Spanish School Cuernavaca, which is south of Mexico City as well as at our Tulum school, located south of Cancun.

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This whole experience is a great help to my confidence in speaking Spanish. I will be using Spanish in my new profession as a law enforcement officer and working with my teacher reinacting real life situations is valuable to me.
-Ray, police officer

This trip filled in many Spanish gaps for me. Though it was difficult to communicate at first, the teachers and family helped me to better my communication ability.
-Joe, law enforcement student

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