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Cultural Excursions

In and Around Cuernavaca, Mexico

Full-day cultural excursions are offered each Saturday at Instituto Chac-Mool in Cuernavaca also most Sundays during the summer months.

The excursions we plan are an extension of our varied Mexican culture program, an important part of learning Spanish. After learning about certain cultural aspects of Mexican history during the week, students are given the opportunity to experience what they have learned through an optional organized outing. The school's Cultural Coordinator accompanies the group, along with additional teachers, depending on group size. Students may sign up for excursions while at the school.

Our most popular excursion destinations from Cuernavaca include: Teotihuacan, Museo de Antropología in Mexico City, Centro Histórico in Mexico City, Ballet Folclórico in Mexico City, Museo Dolores Olmedo y canales de Xochimilco in Mexico City, Taxco, and the Xochicalco archeological site. The cost for each excursion is typically equal to $40-50usd per person, depending on the destination. Transportation to and from the Spanish school is provided, as well as an informational guide. Entrance fees are included in your fee, with the exception of Ballet Folclórico.

Tulum, South of Cancun in Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula

For students who would like guided activities on the weekends, full day excursions will be scheduled for an additional fee. These will include the Tulum Mayan ruins, local cenotes, and Sian Ka'an nature reserve.

There are also many local tour operators that will take you scuba diving, snorkeling, kiteboarding, sightseeing, fishing, boating, parasailing, ziplining...just about anything fun in the sun. Plus there are Eco Parks, white sand beaches, Mayan ruins, great restaurants, shopping, and bicycle and scooter rentals.

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Holidays in Mexico are a special time to visit, and Instituto Chac-Mool host families will welcome you into their plans. Many holidays offer us the opportunity to offer special excursions and events including:

Jan. 6 ~ Día de los Santos Reyes   The Day of the Three Kings   A Feast of Epiphany to mark the end of the Christmas festivities, where the three kings bring gifts to the children. Enjoy the roscas de reyes, a rich, delicious bread hiding a small plastic doll inside.

Feb. ~ Carnival   Carnival   A celebration lasting several days beginning the weekend before Lent which is typically in late February. Tepoztlan, near Cuernavaca, is well known for their carnival celebrations and dance of the Chinelos, the famed dancers of the Mexican state of Morelos. Food, music, dancing.

March/April ~ Semana Santa   Holy Week  The week ending with Easter Sunday. A major Mexican holiday with many celebrations in most every town. Good Friday features a major event in Taxco, about an hour from Cuernavaca.

Sept. 15 ~ El Grito de Independencia   Independence Day  Mexico celebrates independence from Spain with a reenactment in every zócalo of Mexico. The celebration period is complete when a government official gives el grito, the cry of Independence, at 11:00pm.

Nov. 1 ~ Día de Todos Santos   All Saints' Day  Begins the celebration of Días de los Muertos by honoring the souls of children.

Nov. 2 ~ Día de los Muertos   Day of the Dead All Souls' Day  A colorful celebration honoring the departed. Visit nearby graveyards where graves are decorated with flowers and food, where family members spend time with their dearly departed.

Dec 16 - Jan 6 ~ Las Posadas   The Inn   Candlelight processions usually of children in costume acting out the holy family searching for shelter. Includes special parties and events for children.

Dec 24 ~ Noche Buena   Christmas eve   Christians often attend a midnight mass but usually before (or sometimes after!) there are parties with homemade foods such as tamales and other family favorites. Piñatas made of brightly-colored papier-mâché may be filled with candies and small prizes for the children.

Dec. 25 ~ Navidad   Christmas The week before Christmas features candlelight processions, parties, and piñatas filled with candy and toys.

Días de los Muertos

Join Instituto Chac-Mool Spanish School in Cuernavaca for special activities and events for Días de los Muertos in late October, early November. This includes a November 1 evening visit to a cemetery in the nearby traditional town of Ocotepec, Morelos. You'll be able to admire the unique altars adorned with candles, flowers, food and gifts that were favorites of the dearly departed. Ocotepec is located just 5 minutes outside of Cuernavaca and Instituto Chac-Mool students only pay public transportation.

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