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Instituto Chac-Mool offers children and teen Spanish programs for ages as young as 4-5 years. Our year round programs are available in Tulum, Mexico which is south of Cancun. And coming soon to Costa Rica!

The kids programs at Instituto Chac-Mool Spanish School are created specifically for younger learners in order to keep them active and engaged while learning Spanish. Instructors are youthful, inspirational, and native Spanish speakers. They are educated in teaching young minds and understand that the younger age groups learn differently than adults. Motivational and fun, teachers will guide kids in their classes based on their starting level and their ability to stay focused on the new material. Classes are interactive and will prepare your child for conversational Spanish.

Instituto Chac-Mool offers two different Youth Spanish Programs. We recommend (and sometimes require) at least one parent or a designated guardian to also be studying at Instituto Chac-Mool Spanish School.


Introduce your child to the Spanish language and culture of Mexico with Programa Amiguitos at Instituto Chac-Mool. In this day camp type program, young children learn Spanish words and phrases through educational, yet fun activities which include matching games, story telling, singing, drawing, creative thinking, and play acting.

With emphasis on cultural immersion, this course's thematic approach ensures that each student is challenged at their own level. This is done by utilizing interesting and diverse themes, such as animals, ecology, and ocean life. As part of the learning process the children may make items such as Mayan calendars, bark paintings, masks, and Aztec headdresses. They may also garden, play soccer and other sports. All activities are age appropriate and classes are limited to 8 children per qualified children's instructor. For those children only 4 years of age, acceptance isn't guaranteed. Please contact us to discuss if your child is ready for this program.

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The Spanish Prep Program has been created for teens and for children who have had previous exposure to Spanish such participating in a dual immersion program during the school year. Taught by enthusiastic, qualified, and relatable young instructors, Spanish Prep is fast paced, interactive, inspirational and fun. Our goal is to have juniors and teens not only comfortable and confident speaking Spanish, but also learn about the culture and history of Mexico. The program includes dynamic activities, each one with a clear educational and character building objective. Since this program has an emphasis on learning Spanish, teachers inspire students to contribute and connect with others by using only the Spanish language.

The Spanish Prep Program combines structure and role play activities with workshops, social activities, and even sports. The program has an academic foundation with a strong emphasis on developing and improving Spanish communication skills. To be able to assimilate well into a middle and high school Spanish class we recommend a three or four week program, however students may enroll for as short as one week.

The size of each Spanish Prep class is no larger than 6 students per specially trained instructor. For older teens we recommend our Peer Group Program.

Classes begin each weekday at 8:00 am in Tulum, same as Instituto Chac-Mool's adult programs. Classes are scheduled for 5 fun (and educational!) hours each day, Monday through Friday and the children and teens may join afternoon and evening activities with their parents.

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We want to tell how pleased we were with your school at the new location in Tulum. We traveled to Yucatan Peninsula at the beginning of February with our 9 year old granddaughter, Jasmine. The objective was twofold: to give Jasmine an appreciation of that region of Mexico and to give her some training in the Spanish language.

We were fortunate to find your Tulum school and enrolled Jasmine as a beginner for a week, a couple of hours a day, one on one. Jasmine seemed to thrive in the outdoor classroom with her teacher, Alejandra. We enrolled her for a second week with three hours of class a day, and then a third and then a fourth week, postponing our planned tour of the Yucatan Peninsula. After 55 hours of class, Jasmine's comprehension of the language leaped from nearly zero to useful as we moved about Tulum and she was timidly speaking the language as her confidence grew.

Important also, for both of our objectives, were afternoon activities with other students and teachers, cooking and crafts being the most enjoyable, as well as excursions on the weekends to snorkel, both at cenotes near Tulum and to the beach at Akumal to swim with turtles and to the lagoons just north of there (we grandparents joined in the activities and excursions as well).

Alejandra was fantastic in gaining Jasmine's friendship and trust and Nelly and Mauricio and their boys are terrific people and the parents are talented teachers.

We have Jasmine's Chac Mool Spanish language workbook with us and plan to continue lessons here. I hope we can visit Tulum and your school soon to repeat our very, very positive experience.
  -Eric and Roberta

This has been one truly wonderful experience for my son and me. I hope to return next year. Our four weeks here in Cuernavaca have rekindled my desire to learn to speak Spanish. After two semesters of frustration in Spanish class, this experience has really allowed me the time to loop all the tiny bits and pieces of Spanish floating around my head to come together. I am once again excited about learning and reinforcing my Spanish skills. I look forward to returning to Cuernavaca again and again to solidify these elusive concepts.

We've just returned from our second trip to your school, and again have only great things to say about our Spanish teachers and our host family. Thank you again.

This has been a wonderful experience for our whole family. My husband and I greatly improved our ability to listen and speak Spanish. My kids have learned an incredible amount of Spanish and enjoyed learning the culture and playing with the sweet children they met. Our 'family' was just that, they worried for us constantly and were gracious as well as hospitable. The teachers were very knowledgeable and personally interested in our progress. This has been the trip of a lifetime.
  -Debbi and family

It was a joy to find a well supervised program where the kids are actually taught Spanish. Since our kids already knew quite a bit of Spanish, I was anxious for them to get to the next level. Your great teachers did an excellent job, I commend you and all the staff that made our Spanish learning vacation so successful and enjoyable.
  -Alicia and kids

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Coming soon to Costa Rica!

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The staff, administrative and teaching, was very kind and helpful. Learning the language was interesting and fun at the same time. Even our youngest, who was in the beginning not so eager to go to school during holidays, got so excited within an hour of lessons that she greeted us during the first break: "It's so fun learning Spanish with games and we're going on an excursion too! I wish I could go to school here. Can we live in Mexico from now?"

I'm not sure how you did it, but my daughter now loves learning Spanish! You inspire the kids to learn. I thank you for that and for my excellent adult classes as well.

I will be recommending your Spanish classes for children to all of my friends. My kids have been exposed to the Spanish language in our home (my husband is Mexican), but it was hard to get them to speak it. Since we've returned home they are using Spanish much more often. I think your excellent teachers had everything do to with this.

My children really benefited from the environment of Chac-Mool and teaching of Julia. I am more than pleased with the amount they learned and the attitude they have involving Spanish.

It was an excellent program. My daughter was happy to go to class every day and was forced to use her Spanish. After 3 weeks, she was speaking in Spanish to our host family and to people in the street.

We chose Chac-Mool because of its website and children´s program. In reality Chac-Mool exceeded our expectations. Everyone from the director to the teachers, from the office staff to the ground´s keepers is dedicated to his/her job and the school´s mission to be "The ultimate language and culture experience." We have thoroughly enjoyed our time here, and learned so much. The grounds are well thought out and maintained. The teachers are bright, dynamic, and creative in their playful approach to teaching. We so enjoyed living with our Mexican family too. The food was amazing. This has been a fantastic experience for our family.

Those Caves at Cacahuamilpa were my favorite excursion, Las Estacas with the swimming in the springs was a close second. I'll be back again next year for more classes, I'm sure.

I'm so happy I came to Chac-Mool this year. I didn't expect to meet such nice, patient teachers or stay with such a welcoming, kind family. The quality of everything, from the food in Cuernavaca to the amazing people here made this one of the most exciting experiences of my life and I can't wait to return next year with friends.

Very good, I thoroughly enjoyed it, though I think I would have to stay more than a week to really improve my Spanish. I never thought I would be walking the streets of Mexico, and taking a bus everywhere.

I wanted to write to you a year after my 4 weeks at Chac-Mool during the summer 2007. I was so timid and afraid to try something new and when my mom made me come with her for Spanish classes I fought her on the idea the whole way. Looking back though I think it is the most rewarding experience of my lifetime and I wanted to let you know. I appreciate the way you opened my mind to something different. I will be beginning as a Spanish Major next year at UT and with my new confidence I know I will succeed. Mil gracias.

We came to Chac-Mool with two 14 yr-old grandchildren. I would strongly recommend such a trip for other seniors. It was a wonderful experience that made us appreciate each other in new ways. Also the teen group at Chac-Mool was so outreaching that our grandkids had an independent life here. We all worked hard, helped each other, and liked the whole experience.

Well my experience here in Cuernavaca with Instituto Chac-Mool was an unforgettable one. With Chac-Mool I got to visit famous places especially Mexico City at the Ballet and normal places like the orphanage. I even got the experience on how to make cheese from scratch. That was awesome. I really want to thank Chac-Mool for all the experience that you all have given me.

My experience in Chac-Mool was awesome! I had such a great time, learned a lot and made new friends. I hope to return in the future.

There is so much I love about Cuernavaca and the school but most of all it was my host family. Gilda was awesome.

I have such great memories of my trip and it was an eye opening experience to come to Mexico. I hope I can stay with my Mexican mama again next year. Please make it happen!

The teachers obviously care a lot about their students and are very knowledgable and flexible! It is a great program for kids and adults, alike!

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