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Our housing director in Tulum is continually screening potential host families however in Tulum they are limited in availability. The good news is that Tulum pueblo has a range of choices for housing that can easily be reserved online. A partial list can be seen on our website at This ever changing list includes independent rooms, bed and breakfasts, hostels, hotels and vacation rentals.

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More about Host Families: The host families selected by Instituto Chac-Mool must enjoy having student guests in their homes and appreciate the opportunity just as much as the students do. In addition to providing a pleasant accommodation, families are required to attend regular school meetings which emphasize the important role they play in your Spanish immersion program. Plus we ask all students to provide an evaluation of their housing at the end of their stay.

Host families are located as far as a 20 minute walk. Student housing will be selected by our excellent housing director based on information you provide on your registration form, including choices like vegetarian meals. You'll be notified of your housing name, address and phone number one week prior to arriving and are instructed to go directly to the home upon arrival. There is no need for you to contact your host family in advance as the housing director will have notified your hosts of your estimated arrival time.

Vacation Rentals, Hotels, B&Bs, etc.

In Tulum pueblo: We provide a list at however your own web search for Tulum pueblo may offer additional choices. Beach rentals also available but prices are typically much lower in Tulum pueblo.

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Instituto Chac-Mool host families provide three carefully prepared meals a day: breakfast (desayuno), lunch (comida), and dinner (cena). Meals will not conflict with your class time, and the main meal of the day is served mid-afternoon after your classes. On the days of an excursion, students can request a sack lunch to take with them. The sack lunch consists of a sandwich or torta, a fruit and a drink.

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The accommodations the host families provide include a bed and typically a desk or table at which to study. Some rooms have two twin size beds and private bathrooms. Some with WiFi.

Host Family

The family will provide bath soap, a clean towel two times a week and clean sheets, changed once a week. A local laundry provides reasonably priced laundry services for your personal items. Please pack a pool towel if you plan to go swimming.

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